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A cohesive visual identity for a wellness destination.

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An agency contacted me to assist in creating a new branding concept and redesigning the website for Wellness House, a place where people can live a relaxed and wellness experience. My goal was to develop a cohesive visual design that aligns with the principles of the wellness lifestyle.

Old comma life company logotype
Wellness house logotype mockup

A brand that fits with the company culture

Wellness House is a natural place where people can release stress, heal, replenish, and rejuvenate their body, mind, & soul.

My task was to create a concept for a new logo that represents the company's values. I chose to combine a house shape with a lotus flower to symbolize wellness and a serif font to convey a sense of professionalism and luxury.

Branded posters in a nice wall with leaves at the side

Crafting a cohesive and consistent brand experience

As part of my mission to redesign Wellness House's website, I also created a brand guide.

A brand guide is an essential document that outlines the visual and verbal elements of a brand, including the logo, colors, typography, and messaging. It serves as a reference for all internal and external communications, ensuring consistency in the representation of the brand.

This is especially important for a company like Wellness House, which aims to promote wellness and professionalism.

Wellness company brand guide design

Designing a modern and user-friendly website

Continuing with the re-design project, I focused on creating a new user experience for their website. I aimed to design a website that aligns with the company's values: natural, nurturing, and collaborative.

To achieve this, I utilized a color palette inspired by nature and incorporated elements such as images of plants and soothing typography. I also incorporated design elements that promote a people-friendly experience, such as a clean and modern layout, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.

Overall, the new design emphasizes the company's commitment to providing a peaceful, nurturing environment for its customers while also promoting a sense of collaboration.

Wellness site hero mockup design
Website page designs from a wellness company
E-commerce page design of a wellness company
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Mobile website design of a wellness company

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