Kapa99 —
Streamlining project management with a custom app.

Dashboard design mockup with floating UI elements
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Design

Kapa99 offers an unlimited design subscription to companies of all industries. The company aimed to transition from Trello to a custom web application that would streamline the task request and approval process for clients, as well as provide a centralized platform for internal staff to manage and delegate client work.

Hero section design of a registration page for a Saas Company
Mobile phone mockups designs from a SaaS company

I worked with the company founder in a discovery session to understand better and outline the problems we needed to solve together. We discovered a series of challenges we needed to face to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction while keeping the internal team synchronized and productive with all the projects.

  • Create a more comprehensive brief for each job, which we believe will lead to better designs and faster delivery times.
  • Reduce the number of design revisions while improving the overall task-requesting and revision processes.
  • The current project management application utilized (Trello) does not support the specific requirements and functionalities necessary for effective collaboration between project managers and designers, resulting in a lack of efficiency in fulfilling client requests in an efficient way.
Laptop mockup with a dashboard app design

A user-centered approach

In order to validate the identified product problems and challenges, I conducted user research to ensure that the targeted pain points effectively addressed user problems and improved business outcomes. Our overall process had 5 stages:

  • 1 Product and market research
  • 2 User personas
  • 3 User flows
  • 4 Wireframes
  • 5 Design & prototype

The user journey helped us to map out better the decisions and processes the users needed to take in order to accomplish their objectives within the application. We used that information to define new user flows covering everything from logging in and registering to requesting and completing tasks.

UX user onboarding journey mapUX login and sign up user flowsUX task creation user flow

Mapping out the whole application

A complex application such as this requires a clear and organized information structure. Through my research, I determined the need for distinct user groups with varying levels of control and access to effectively operate the application. To facilitate this, I created site maps for each user group to visualize the necessary screens to achieve their goals in a user-friendly way.

SaaS company client onboarding sitemapSaaS company admin dashboard sitemapSaaS company client dashboard sitemapSaaS company retail product sitemap

Using a design system to define the visual experience

I aimed to ensure the application was visually cohesive across all of its multiple components. I used Figma to create a set of reusable components to keep typography, color, spacing, icons, and imagery coherent and appealing. This strategy helped me maintain a consistent design throughout the 100+ screens we created during the design phase.

Design system of a SaaS digital product
Saas company dashboard design
SaaS company hero design
SaaS company laptop design mockupSaas company multiple dashboard screens mockup
Mobile app design of the team page of Kapa99
Mobile app design of the brands section
Mobile design of a task category selection from an app
Mobile view of the task details of an app design

Revamping the visual design experience for Kapa99.com

After successfully delivering the whole web application design, I worked with the founder to redesign their website to spread the word about their new features and user experience.

Clean laptop mockup of a hero section of Kapa99 website design
About page design from Kapa99, a Saas company
Page design of a SaaS company
Laptop over a nice home office table showing a web page design

Project results

I have a great relationship with Kapa99's founder that still exists today, and we're proud to have achieved two big successes for the company.


(Average Revenue Per User)
Increase of ~20% based on being able to offer an extra service.


(Monthly Recurring Revenue)
25% increase (for multiple reasons, the biggest being that churn has decreased because it is much easier to ask for a design service)

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