Hyrum Palmero

Reshaping a startup consultant's visual identity

An iPad over a rock displaying the Hyrum Palmero’s brand mark
Logo Design
Visual Identity
The Challenge ↓

Reimagine Hyrum’s logo and build a strong visual identity that is efficient for positioning and flexible for content creation and distribution.

Old version of Hyrum Palmero’s logotype
New version of Hyrum Palmero’s logotype
Hyrum Palmero brand stationery
Hyrum Palmero’s brand mark gridHyrum Palmero’s word mark grid

Hyrum wanted to maintain minimalism while adding more personality to his brand.

After several iterations we landed on a monogram concept, a combination of his initials: H + P. With this brand mark, we were ready to set him apart and create a unique symbol full of personality.

A book displaying different H logo options
Brand Mark Options
Blue color palette
Color Palette
Blue business card for Hyrum Palmero’s brandLogo, colors, and icons for Hyrum’s brand redesign
Hyrum Palmero’s brand guidelines
T-Shirt design for Hyrum Palmero brandingSleek cap design for Hyrum Palmero
Minimalist blue shapes animation
A laptop displaying the new design for Hyrum Palmero’s LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn Profile Design
The Results ↓

Hyrum’s new digital presence and content quality have transformed his lead generation system on LinkedIn. His new visual identity sets him apart and positions him as a high-level consultant in the startup landscape.

We worked together to go from an outdated logo to a modern visual identity, effective for his website, newsletter, social content, and more.