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Enhancing design for a sustainable textile company.

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Circular Systems aims to convert waste into high-quality fiber, yarn, and textile products.

The company had an existing website, but as it expanded, the need for a revamped content structure and improved design came to light. I collaborated with an agency to revamp the website's structure and enhance its overall design.

Stye guide of the web design project
Mobile web designs of Circular Systems home page

Understanding the website's goals

In this particular project, we had the objective to design a better visual experience around the new content and some key elements of the business, such as:

  • 1 Storytelling elements to convey the message
  • 2 New content layout and design
  • 3 Showcase their product benefits
  • 4 A simple way to get in touch with clients
Blue laptop hero design mockup

We established a visual style and applied it to all new content while emphasizing their products and their benefits. We chose a minimalistic style with soft textures, and incorporated imagery of nature to reflect the company's eco-friendly philosophy.

Regenerative products company web design
Green hero web design

Circular Systems is an entire family of regenerative products.

Product transforms waste into fiber and yarn mockupFiber products mockups Clothing machine product mockup
About page web design with orange background
Ecological service website page design
CS Agraloop web pages designs

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