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10 Reasons to Use Webflow for Your Business Website

Juan Mac - Senior Visual Designer for Startups
Juan Mac
June 12, 2024

If you are reading this, you have probably spent a lot of time deciding which platform to use to build your new website or migrate your current one.

With numerous website platform options, choosing the right one may imply a significant decision-making challenge for your business.

Are you overwhelmed by the huge amount of options?

No worries, I’m here to give you a hand.

After 9+ years in the web design industry, I have created 50+ websites using different platforms. Without hesitation, I can firmly say Webflow is the best platform to build a secure, fast, optimized, SEO-friendly website to position your business and increase conversions.

“Using Webflow is like having Muhammad Ali in your corner, ready to knock out your competitors.”
Blue boxing glove with Webflow logo, symbolizing Webflow’s support and strength for business websites

Here are 10 compelling reasons to consider using Webflow for your next website project:

1. Increase your website conversions

From custom animations to responsive layouts, craft visually impressive websites and gain your customers’ hearts.

The platform's flexibility allows you to control every element precisely, ensuring that your website looks and feels exactly how you envision it.

2. Rank your site #1 on Google

Place your lemonade stand in the best spot and build a juicy business with a lot of traffic.

Craft meta titles, descriptions, and URLs to improve your website's visibility on search engine results pages, and watch as your website climbs the ranks of the digital industry.

3. Build with a low-code platform: easy peasy

Picture this: You're crafting a web masterpiece without the headache of writing code.

Webflow's intuitive interface lets you sculpt stunning websites with the ease of a painter. This empowers you and your team to bring your ideas to life independently, without technical expertise.

4. Outperform your competition with a mobile website

Whatsthebigdata reports that as of 2024, 60.67% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.

Get your piece of the pie by selling your services through a mobile-friendly website.

A hand holding a smartphone displaying website performance analytics, emphasizing the importance of mobile optimization

5. Rank your site #1 on Google

Webflow uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to run its services, which means it’s almost impossible to hack a Webflow website.

Webflow is both SOC 2 Type I and Type II certified. And uses SSL2 encryption to protect your website. As well as automatic backups to protect your information.

You can rest assured that you are free from security threats, cyberattacks, and even unexpected traffic spikes.

6. No plugins nightmares

You can leverage the Webflow core capabilities to build robust, complex websites without third-party plugins that will be outdated with time and ruin your website.

Use the CMS system to build scalable, systematic websites and the core animation capabilities to create a masterpiece to delight your customers and make them desperate to buy your services.

7. Sell your products 24/7 with the e-commerce system

If you want to set up your online store, Webflow's e-commerce features are a game-changer.

With built-in e-commerce functionality, you can easily create product pages, manage inventory, set up payment gateways, and track orders.

8. Go next level with Webflow integrations

Whether it's integrating marketing tools, analytics, or customer support systems, Webflow offers a wide array of integrations that enhance your website's performance and user experience.

Webflow allows you to extend your website's functionality as your business needs.

9. Save time with the Webflow Editor

Collaboration has never been more functional and easier.

Making changes in a Webflow site is as easy as changing a title in a PPT presentation.

Besides, you and your team can work together, on the same project simultaneously.

Real-time editing and version control ensure everyone is on the same page, making teamwork a breeze.

Webflow Editor interface showing text editing on a website, highlighting real-time content updates

10. Get help from a loving community

This vibrant community is an excellent resource for learning new techniques, troubleshooting issues, and finding inspiration for your websites.

Additionally, Webflow provides excellent customer support to address any queries or problems you might encounter.

I’m personally part of the Webflow Colombia community and have met with other awesome website designers and business owners who spread their love for Webflow and help each other.

Have you decided to use Webflow for your business website?

I’m here in case you need an expert hand.

Thank you for reading.


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